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Buying a property?

It can take several months for the sale of a property to go through and as the exchange rate fluctuates daily you may be susceptible if the rate moves.
GC Partners have various options to help manage this risk such as our buy-now-pay-later forward contract option.


Selling a property?

Once your house is sold do you need to repatriate the funds to another currency and send home? GC Partners can guide you smoothly through the transfer process and save you money on the exchange rates.

Five simple steps to send your currency overseas


Open an account,
it's easy
& free!


Order your
currency online or by phone


Pay by debit card*
or bank transfer


We send your currency to the
bank details provided**


And confirm
by email

* Debit card payments up to £10,000 ** Arrival time may vary depending on currency, time of transfer, and bank processing.

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